Your Reach

Getting noticed in a world full of noise seems almost impossible. I mean seriously how many experts can you have in one given space. You most likely have heard “establish yourself as an expert”. I am going to tell you something much much more powerful…


What we want are people that understand our needs and address those needs. We want someone who gets us, who cares and has a sensible solution that actually works and delivered in a way that suites us.

Understanding that makes increasing your reach sooooo much easier. Here is the not so secret formula

  1. Be authentic – if you are TRULY an expert GREAT but feed information to your audience in a way that helps them to see the real you and what it is that you offer. They will be much more impressed with your wealth of knowledge if they like you and what you are saying really works.
  2. Be a GIVER – Give people what you have for FREE whenever you can. This is especially important if you are new in business or changing your business focus. Let people get a taste of the goods and if it solves their pain point or brings pleasure, you are on your way to massive reach.
  3. Tell Them HOW – The fear of “selling” makes many entrepreneurs confuse the heck out of their audience. I’ve been there we are so afraid to say “click here” for my package, product, service etc… that even if our audience likes what they hear they have no idea what to do about it. Part of servicing your audience is telling them how to get full resolution what what you offer.

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(See what I did there….:))