Use Your Words

This is by far the DIAMOND of what I teach. And there are two parts to it:

1.What do YOU want your client’s/customers to feel after they have used your product or service? After they have consulted with you, coached with you or worked with you?

This is simple but POWERFUL and I will teach you how it works. The answer to this question is the core of your success.

People buy because they feel something – happiness, entertained, jealousy, sexy, hungry, hopeful, understood, satisfied, beautiful…..etc…

Knowing what you want your audience to experience will help you with your words

2. What does your AUDIENCE want to feel? These are two very different questions.
You may know exactly what your offering will do for your audience but how you convey that to them has everything to do with what it is that THEY want to feel. Use the words that resonate with them, that mean something to them, that solve their pain point, that gives them the pleasure they are looking for.

Knowing these words and phrases both in what you want your audience to feel and what THEY want to feel will cut your time in HALF when it comes to building and growth.

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