Profitable Business Made Simple Coaching Webinar

Join Duo Randy and Renee Hughes for a first time, rare and super valuable joint coaching webinar. You will want to receive this webinar if:
  • You’ve been in business less than 2 years
  • Your business isn’t as profitable as you would like it to be
  • You want to make sure your business is tax compliant
  • You want to make sure you are receiving all of the tax benefits of an entrepreneur
  • You want to be DEBT FREE
Here is a little about us and what you can expect on the webinar:


Randy, a Maryland native and self proclaimed “last true Redskin fan” is an experienced accountant and financial GENIUS. He has clients in 17 States around the US and 4 countries including the United States. His clients range from award winning recording artist, to corporate and brand giants, to health care experts, to soloprenuers. He has a knack for bonding with his clients and treats their businesses as though there were his own.
Learn how to become profitable and build a debt free business. As a bonus you will learn how Randy turned at $50,000 debt situation into $10,000 in savings


Renee wears dual hats as both a Health and Business Coach. When it comes to business she is completely obsessed with part-time entrepreneurship . She believes in NAPS and VACATIONS and actually enjoying the process of it all. She developed a system she calls “Simplicity In Action” and it is getting her clients results. She teaches simple techniques on developing brand, getting clarity and attracting the right kind of client. She has a knack for mentorship and support at a depth that most have never experienced.  Renee’s clients range from artists, to digital marketers, to bloggers to motivational speakers


If you want specific questions about your business to be answered during the webinar, you must submit the question to Questions must be submitted no later than DEC 10th 11:00pm EST


The value of the webinar is over $200.00 based on our consulting fees. BUT we are offering it to you for $27.00. I know this is a ridiculous price. However, we want you to see the value of our services and no better way than to experience it first hand. In fact should you decide to continue coaching with either one of us this $27.00 will go towards your first coaching session. Sound AMAZING :)……we thought so too!


 Note: The webinar will be pre-recorded once we receive your questions. You will have access to the webinar beginning December 12th and you will extended access  to watch again and again!