You Are More Than What You Eat!

Finding  Balance

Getting back to center and creating a life of happiness and balance is all about taking a holistic approach. It is about making consistent small changes in ALL areas of your life – what you eat, what you think, your relationships, your body, your state of mind, how you make decisions, how you manage your finances, how you earn income, your priorities in life. They all work together to create a full satisfying life of happiness and balance. My job is to help you find where to start and how to keep going.


Your Coach

Do you want to CREATE a life that makes you want to JUMP out of bed everyday? I am happy to be your Coach And  Make it A Reality!

YOU are full of possibility and you have the ability to live a life of better health, balance and happiness.  If you are living in overwhelm and uncertainty, today is the day to say, “I’m DONE”.

YOUR LIFE is waiting for you to decide. The people that rely on you are waiting for you to decide. What is the life you have imagined for yourself? Is it  better energy, better sleep, better focus, more income, more positivity, less overwhelm, more laughter, better relationships?  The possibilities are endless when you get back to center and create balance in your life, health and career.

YOUR WHY can be many things. It is the reason that makes you say “I want to feel better”, ” I want to laugh more”,  “I want to accomplish more”. “I want to get out of debt”. You have no idea the incredible results that await you once you just simply decide to say YES.

If you are ready then join me for personalized one-on-one coaching and programs specifically designed to get you to a happier, healthier, balanced state of mind and body.

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Your Business

What if you could keep your day job while growing a business that is FUN and Profitable? What if you could do it from anywhere, on your own schedule?  

I teach a concept called The Four Year Career and it gives you options! Learn to leverage your precious time and turn into reliable income!

We may be a fit to work together if:

  • You already have a business but need something part-time to build more capital
  • You like the idea of working from anywhere
  • You want to learn how to be a professional networker and not a sales person
  • You are coachable and ready to benefit from leadership instead of recreating the wheel
  • Willing to work hard. This business does not require a lot of hours but it does require making your hours count

We are not a fit to work together if:

  • You want a job and not interested in building a business
  • You do not see the need to invest time and money into your financial future
  • You think this is a “get rich quick scheme” that requires no work
  • Are a salesperson not willing to shed the “sales” mentality
  • You are not interested in health, wellness, nutrition or fitness (you do not need to be in tip top shape but you must understand the importance of working on your health and have a desire to help others do the same)

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Inspired To Re:New

I love it when I get a chance to collaborate with coaches who understand the power of just taking one step versus overwhelming clients. In these webinars we give you a key ingredient to getting started toward BALANCE – That ingredient? INSPIRATION!